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Cancellation/change of date fees (prior to arrival):

31 days or more: Full refund or date change possible
15 – 30 days:     You may change your date up to 12 months in advance (1 date change only)*. If the booking is cancelled, 50% of total monies paid and/or due will be forfeited.
0 – 14 days:       50% of total monies paid will be forfeited – no date changes allowed.

No refund can be given in the event of non-arrival or any unused services due to weather disruption or animal issues. While we endeavour to give guests a memorable experience with our native and exotic animals, we can make no guarantees as to what animal interactions may be available and how an animal may behave on any given day. Although it is rare for an animal at a Jungle Bungalow, Giraffe Treehouse or uShaka Lodge not to visit guests, no guarantee can be made.

*An administration fee of $100 may be charged for date changes made with 59 days of the booking.

We strongly recommend that you protect yourself with Travel Insurance.